Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Gospel of John

Last week in class I was asked if I could provide electronic copies of the handouts Dave Ivaska and I have used in the Adult Education class on the Gospel of John.  I remembered that I had access to this blog, and it seemed to be a reasonable place to put links to the files. 

Time is pressing this morning, so let me just cut to the chase: 
  1. In week 1, Dave Ivaska handed out an overview to the Gospel of John.   
  2. Last week, we covered John 6.   Here is the text of John 6, with questions.
  3. Today, we are covering John 8.   Here is that text, again with the questions.
These files are all in PDF format; if you can't view them already on your computer, you can download the free Acrobat Reader. 

Please check for more in subsequent weeks!

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